The past week I have began editing my photo film, this will be a similar film as the one I had done in #Phonar but now with added footage and images from my research trip to Portugal. One thing I am finding hard to do it where to place everything as I want to to make sense to watch and not just a jumble of images and film. I have really become used to using the software as when I first started I had no idea how to use it so I am really glad I now have a new skills I can take with me once I leave university in June which will help me in my future jobs.

I am doing a mix of audio, still and moving images within my photo film. As well as using my own photographs I am using mainly sourced work as I never really intended this work to be of my photographs intentionally…it was just to tell the story of the Portuguese Colonial War as not many people were informed about it as well and wanting to find out more about my countries history as my grandfather served in the war and that is what initially triggered my interest for the project.

I am mixing in my work with sourced videos and my grandfathered original war photographs that were taken when he was fighting out in Angola. I have scanned them all in for when I dont my #Phonar project so am re using them for this one. As I am not just presenting jus this video on its own at the exhibition I am not planning on it being too long, maybe only 5 minutes as I also dont want to viewers to get bored watching it and if it is also too long I dont want them to also just watch half of it because of the length.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 14.31.19


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