When preparing your presentation, reflect on and respond to the following.

– Identify where you may like to situate yourself.

– What are you interested in and where would you like to be?

– Consider what work do you do and what is your market?

– Do you have an exemplar (role model) you identify with?


Identify where you may like to situate yourself. What are you interested in and where would you like to be?

Throughout my three years at university studying photography I still find it hard to pin point where I do see myself and what exactly I want to do. I have found myself doing a lot of documentary work, mainly my #Phonar work and my degree show project.I have a really big passion for travelling and am going away after university to travel around Europe, I am also not one to stay in the same place for a long time so I think it is hard for me to see myself stuck in one place in the near future but once I do get back which at the moment I am not sure when that will be but I will be going back home to London as that will be the best option for me, moving back in with my parents to save money as well as getting the best opportunities out of being a Londoner and having so many options of directions that I could go into. I don’t think I can say exactly where I would ‘like to be’ right now as I personally still do not know, I know that for the near future I do not want to pursue photography as a career but more of myself doing personal projects within photography.

Consider what work do you do and what is your market? 

I have always been passionate about documentary photography which came across in my first year I dont think I really followed through with it in my second year as I found myself doing a bit of fashion work, which now I am really not into but thankfully I brought myself back to the documentary side of photography this year. Right now I have a following of my project which is great and I feel like having that applied pressure of people following what I am doing will help me produce to the best of my ability which will also result in me having an interesting body of work to have to present to potential jobs I will be applying to. Seeing as I dont exactly what to follow in a photography job straight after university unless it is my personal projects I feel that I would maybe like to go into a media role I would pursue these jobs after I finished with all my travelling but I am hoping to network as much as I can whilst I am abroad so that I can hopefully get an opportunity whilst I am away.

Do you have an exemplar (role model) you identify with?

I dont think I have a specific person I look up too but definitely in terms of my current work Tim Heatherington, I am really loving working with film editing and photo films and he has definitely been my biggest inspiration. I had never really worked with film and editing it but I have found my passion for this and would like to carry on with it once I leave university.

I done the personality test that was linked on Moodle and I came out to be ENTP personality type, these are my strengths and weaknesses

ENTP strengths

  • Quick thinkers. ENTP personalities find it easy to come up with arguments and counterarguments in any discussion, jumping from one idea to another without much effort. They also enjoy being devil’s advocates.
  • Very knowledgeable. ENTPs enjoy learning new things and accumulating knowledge. They tend to be very successful in the academic environment, especially where there is a need for original and bold solutions.
  • Excellent brainstormers. People with this personality type can easily see both sides of the coin and do not get emotionally attached to a specific viewpoint or idea. They simply enjoy the process of looking for possible solutions.
  • Original. ENTPs are not afraid to experiment and suggest ideas that are unconventional or even drastic. They are especially well suited for coming up with novel solutions for historical, systemic problems.
  • Charismatic. Quick-witted and confident, ENTPs tend to also be charming and popular, intriguing and attracting people around them.
  • Energetic. ENTP personalities can be very enthusiastic and energetic if something excites them. They can spend ages looking for a solution to an interesting problem.

ENTP weaknesses

  • Very argumentative. ENTPs enjoy debates and see them as mental exercises; this attitude can easily upset more sensitive or stability-oriented types.
  • Insensitive. ENTP personalities are very rational, which is likely to make it difficult for them to recognize other people’s feelings or express their own.
  • May find it difficult to focus. An ENTP’s mind is used to jumping from one interesting idea to another; they may have difficulties staying focused on one specific topic.
  • Dislike practical matters. ENTPs are more interested in ideas and solutions than practical, daily matters. They may have no difficulties coming up with the perfect plan, but they are likely to be far less interested in actually putting it in place, checking all the details etc.
  • May be intolerant. ENTP personalities may sometimes be intolerant and dismissive, especially when they have to deal with people who try to avoid debates or cannot defend their ideas.
  • Get bored quickly. ENTPs need to feel excited—routine tasks bore and frustrate them. They may even come up with imaginative problems or start suggesting unnecessary improvements, just to keep their mind occupied.



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