I found it quite hard to choose my final images because initially I wanted to have 3 or 4 but I have actually ended up with 10 images! I found it hard because I think I became attached to them all and I felt the need to show them to my audience to get a full experience and feel of my work. The majority of my images were, you could say happy moment of my grandad time in the war. I didn’t want to show the usual dying people, soldiers in battle but I have chosen images which show a ‘happier’ side to it, which I am hoping people will relate too and enjoy. I have added in one or two images where the soldiers have guns etc but I thought that that was also necessary to have in.

There was already two or three images that I had known from the very start I wanted to include within my project because they stood out to me as key images, like the one of my grandfather on his own in his uniform and the image of the soldiers playing music and dancing with the women in Angola. These two images especially stood out to me and I think are my main images.

Because I have selected quite a few photographs more than I had anticipated I think I may need to print them at a smaller size that what I had originally planned, which isn’t an issue and in fact I feel that this will work much better than my first idea of only having 3 or4 photographs hanging.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 09.03.07


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