Yesterday the curatorial team (Me, Kate and Melissa Stapleton) met up to start working on the space of the gallery and how we were going to work out where everyones work was going to lay. We made a scale model of the gallery with accurate measurements (scaled down) of walls, doors, ‘fake’ walls, windows etc. For the scaled down model we used board to make an accurate model and we are also now going to add smaller versions of peoples work in spaces around the model to see how well they fit and look next to each other and figure out exactly who should go where to ensure that all works suits the work around it.

We did have a few problems when trying to actually built the scale model as doing all the mathematics for it was quite a challenge, I am really bad with numbers but luckily Kate figured out the measurements that we needed and once we had these we were on a roll with making it.

To make this a bit easier for us, Lee put out a comment asking everyone if they had any preferences of space they would like to be in (i.e front, middle, back wall etc) and the dimensions of space that they would need for their work as well as a small drawing of what they will be presenting on the wall or gallery space.

We decided to re ask every how much space they actually needed because we measured out how much 3m actually was as this was the amount the majority of people asked for and it was a lot bigger than we all expected so we explained this to everyone and we are hoping for a smaller request from everyone as this would benefit people who need more space than others.

Once we have all this information we can really begging to organise who goes where as we can then also figure out what will look best where.


Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 03.21.16

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 03.21.35

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 03.31.54


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