Today we had a second curatorial meeting where we discussed certain issues to do with the exhibition night and things that need to be prepared before hand such as, sorting out if people want business cards, post cards to sell in the gift shop, where the gift shop will be inside the space, prices etc. As well as talking through all these issues we had to also resolve where everyones work would be placed within the space. As we made a scale model last week today we used it to organise this. Luckily we were able to go into the gallery to look at the real life size and think about the space etc.

We came back into our room to start organising who should go where. This whole process took quite a while, it was 4 hours from point of start to finish of our meeting and the majoring of time we used was spent figuring this out. We had done so many drafts of where people should go, who’s work they looked best next too, trying to accommodate to what space people wanted for example Alex M. wants a viewing booth so we had to think where this would work best as we have to build this especially. Theo has really big prints so we don’t want that to over shadow someone else work if theirs is small…we had to think about all these small details in order to make sure everyones work is in the best location for them and everyone else around them. We did try accommodate to everyones requests of where they asked to be and how much space they wanted.

I really enjoyed working with the team today as when we finally managed to get everyone a space it was such a great feeling because we worked hard on really figuring this out.


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