Yesterday I went into the studio with Lauren to take photographs of my granddads photos so that I can print and frame them for my exhibition. Once we go into the studio we set up with all the lights and the stills box, I was using this as I was photographing my images I want an all white background so that the image would obviously stand out.

I am not the biggest fan of working in the studio so I was a bit nervous and had forgotten how to work with somethings, I was quite apprehensive with going back into the studio. It actually did take me and Lauren quite a while to figure out all the lighting and what settings we needed them on for the image but I did remember things once I was in there! We kept getting a black shadow when photographing and couldn’t figure out why this was happening, so we had to ask one of out tutors to help us with this and it ended up being that our shutter speed was too slow for how fast the lights were flicking from the triggers. Once we had figured out all the lighting issues it was really quick, place the image on the wall and shoot. I also shot photographs of the inside pages of the album, the front, my granddads diary and his cloth that he made whilst out in Angola.


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