We all have to have a text panel to let the audience coming to our exhibition know a bit about what our project is about and how we went about doing it. I have decided to have mine in both english and portuguese because the project is predominately portuguese but of course I need english text panels so that my viewers know what is going on. I am having two different panels one will explain my project and my idea behind it and one explaining what the portuguese colonial war is, as I am assuming many people won’t maybe of heard about this.


I have been curating with my grandfather’s war time photographs which led me to travel to Portugal to further my investigation of the Portuguese Colonial War. A few months ago when I was given photographs of my grandfather, this started a personal project where I wanted to have more of an insight into my grandfather’s experience serving for the Portuguese army in Angola in the 60’s. This is an ongoing project and will be taken to Portugal to be exhibited.  [Line break] Artist contact | csantos.melissa@gmail.com | +44(0)75404 24576 | http://www.melissacruzsantos.wordpress.com


Eu tenho andado a trabalhar com as fotografias da guerra do meu avô que me levaram a viajar a Portugal para continuar a minha investigação sobre a Guerra Colonial de Portugal. Quando me deram fotografias do meu avô alguns meses atrás, isto iniciou um projecto pessoal onde eu queria saber mais sobre a experiência do meu avô quando esteve em serviço militar para Portugal em Angola na década 60. Isto é um projecto contínuo que vai ser levado para Portugal para ser exibido. [Line break] Contato do artista | csantos.melissa@gmail.com | +44(0)75404 24576 | http://www.melissacruzsantos.wordpress.com


Approximately 14,000 Portuguese soldiers died fighting in the colonial war in the decades of 60 and 70 in the Portuguese African colonies of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, but overall tens of thousands died during the duration of the war. Once these countries gained independence from Portugal in 1975, millions of people died due to the civil wars that broke out throughout all three countries. As a result, more than a million refugees immigrated to Portugal including Portuguese ex-pats, resulting in an overload on the Portuguese economy.



Cerca de 14.000 soldados Portugueses morreram lutando na guerra colonial nas décadas 60 e 70 nas colónias Portuguesas em África de Angola, Moçambique e Guiné-Bissau, mas em global dezenas de milhares de pessoas morreram durante o período da guerra. Quando esses países se tornaram independentes de Portugal em 1975, milhões de pessoas morreram por causa da guerra civil neste três países. Como resultado, mais de um milhão de refugiados imigraram para Portugal incluindo retornados, terminando em sobrecarregar a economia Portuguesa.


Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 15.27.43


This is what I have chosen to have written on them, I wanted to and had to make sure they were quite brief so that they would fit in the actual text panel. I also didn’t want to have such a big description on them as I didn’t exactly want my viewers stood reading my panel for ages instead I would rather them be spending their time looking at my work.


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