Individual contribution sheet

Your name: Melissa Santos

Group: Marketing, curatorial, promoting,

My individual contributions to the projects work and achievements have been:

As part of preparation for the IMG19 degree show exhibition I have been part of two different teams, marketing, curatorial and promoting as well as helping out with other preparations.

Working as part of the curatorial team the first day of meetings myself Kate and Melissa Stapleton started working on the space of the gallery and how we were going to work out where everyone’s work was going to lay. We made a scale model of the gallery with accurate measurements (scaled down) of walls, doors, ‘fake’ walls, windows etc. We added smaller versions of peoples work in spaces around the model to see how well they fit and look next to each other and figure out exactly who should go where to ensure that all works suits the work around it. We had a few more meetings where we discussed certain issues to do with the exhibition night and things that need to be prepared before hand such as, sorting out if people want business cards, post cards to sell in the gift shop, where the gift shop will be inside the space, prices, drinks etc.

For the marketing side our team had to decide on a design for our marketing poster. We first of all decided that we should include everyone’s images as the background of the poster so that everyone’s work is seen when promoting but in the end we took the decision of only having two images to for posters. As part of marketing we as well had to discuss music for the night and chose a playlist, which in fact we couldn’t play on the night. I also created online events with Melissa Stapleton to help promote the opening night, these were all on facebook. Another way I helped with promoting was with teaser videos that myself, Lauren, Alice and Heidi all made where we launched two every week in the running up to the opening night to get people interested.

As well as taking part in these teams I was also a part of setting up the whole gallery space with the rest of the IMG19 group. I had to help with moving things in to the space such as fake walls, paint, equipment etc. I helped out with painting the walls as well as cleaning up all the paint that dripped on the floor after. During those few days we had to prepare the gallery I also helped with curatorial issues with peoples work, putting up work as well as general cleaning up, moving things and helping people with whatever they needed. I also promoted on the days leading up by flyering around Coventry to try and get more people.


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