It has taken me several weeks to think up of how I really want my work to sit in the gallery on the wall. I have come up with several ways and none seemed to really work only when I had had all my work framed and in the gallery was I able to make this really work. Even when i was in the gallery doing this with help of my peers it did take me several hours to figure this out. I think it is because I had quite a few images so it was hard to picture what they would look like on the wall as we were not able to hold them all up at the same time! I had a total of 10 images in 8 frames as well as a perspex box and a mac.

From my original idea I have changed quite a few things. I originally wanted to have just 3 or 4 images with two perspex boxes and a mac, then I wanted 10 prints, one map, one perspex box, a mac and a shelf then decided I wanted 10 prints, one perspex box and a mac and then when it actually came to being in the gallery hanging everything up I ended up just having 10 prints in 8 frames with one perspex box and a mac with no map on the wall.

This was my process of layout ideas from my begging sketch to my final layout hanging on the IMG19 gallery wall!

I think my


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